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We will promote the lasting
eco-friendly society.

Eco Power is the very first company in Japan which only focus on wind energy business. We provide the service through starting from the investigation, planning to construction, maintenance.


We operate over 160 wind turbine in about 20 different area in Japan. The total output exceeds 220,000 kW.

  • Hokkaido
  • Tohoku
  • Kanto/Chubu
  • Kinki/Shikoku/Kyushu
Prefecture Place Site name Capacity(kW) Started
Hokkaido Wakkanai Wakkanai#1 Wind Power Plant 800 1998.4
Wakkanai#2 Wind Power Plant 1,500 2001.6
Rumoi Rumoi#1 Wind Power Plant 800 1997.12
Rumoi#2 Wind Power Plant 1,600 1999.9
Reuke Wind Farm 2,960 2001.11
Ishikari Atsuta Wind Power Plant 900 2001.5
Otaru Ishikari Bay New Port Wind Power Plant 6,600 2018.2
Nemuro Nemuro Wind Power Plant 750 2000.12
Esashi Oiwake-Souran Wind Power Plant 800 1998.4
Matsumae Matsumae Wind Power Plant 800 1999.4
Prefecture Place Site name Capacity(kW) Started
Aomori Kazamaura Hebiura Wind Power Plant 400 1997.12
higashidouri Iwaya Wind Power Plant 800 1998.4
Iwaya Wind Park 27,000 2003.2
Rokkasho Mutu ogawara Wind Farm 31,500 2003.1
Noheji Noheji Wind Power Plant 800 1998.1
Iwate Kuzumaki Sodeyama Heights Wind Power Plant 1,200 1999.6
Akita Akita Akitaaraya Wind Farm 800 1998.3
Akitaaraya Wind Farm(Increase) 6,000 2000.11
Akitaaraya Wind Power Plant 1,990 2016.2
Yamagata Shounai Tachikawa Wind Farm (Increase) 1,200 1999.5
Tachikawa Wind Farm (Increase) 1,200 2000.2
Sakata Sakata Port Wind Power Plant 1,500 2004.12
Sakata Port Miyaumi Wind Power Plant 6,000 2017.10
Sakata Port Ohama Wind Power Plant 3,000 2017.10
Fukushima Aizu-Wakamatsu Aizu-Wakamatsu Wind Farm 16,000 2015.02
Prefecture Place Site name Capacity(kW) Started
Ibaraki Kamisu Hasaki Wind Power Plant 1,200 1998.12
Hasaki Wind Farm 15,000 2004.3
Chiba Choshi Choshi Wind Farm 10,500 2007.2
Sodegaura Sodegaura Wind Power Plant 1,500 2006.3
Shizuoka Iwata Iwata Wind Farm 15,000 2009.9
Prefecture Place Site name Capacity(kW) Started
Mie Watarai Watarai Wind Farm 28,000 2017.2
Wakayama Hirokawa・Hidakagawa Hirokawa・Hidakagawa Wind Farm 20,000 2014.11
Ehime Ikata Ikata Wind Farm 18,000 2010.3
Nagasaki Goto Goto-Kishiku Wind Power Plant 400 1998.3
Goto-Kishiku Wind Power Plant(Increase) 400 1999.2

Corporate Profile

Company Mission

We will promote the lasting eco-friendly society by contributing the spread of renewable energy.

Company Outline

Company Name
Eco Power Co.,Ltd.
TOC Osaki Bldg.#1, 1-6-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Japan #141-0032
1 July, 1997
7,164 million yen
President, Representative Director
Toshiyuki Mizui
Business Activities
  • Sales of Wind Turbines Electricity
  • Operation and Maintenance Services for self-owned and other companies' Wind Turbines



EcoPower Co.,Ltd. was established as a pioneer of wind power generation company in Japan.
EBARA Corporation became the dominant shareholder.


Total generation capacity was achieved to 10MW.


The Wind turbins control office was set up in Rokkasho village, Aomori Prefecture.


The company increased its shares by The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. Total generation capacity was achieved to 100MW.


Mergered with Wind Services Corporation.


Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. became the dominant shareholder. Total generation capacity was achieved to 147MW.


Cosmo Engineering Co.,Ltd. became the dominant shareholder.


Total generation capacity reached 182MW.


Total generation capacity reached 211MW.
Total generation capacity reached 220MW.


Total generation capacity reached 226MW.

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